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A dance with dragons, the corn king and the spring queen

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the queen is the deadliest piece;
B, 21. Brazil.

"What if magic isn't something you choose?"

Priestesses, and queens, and warriors, and mothers, and maidens and crones.

Mostly: Merlin & GoT Frequently: Robin Hood, Dracula, Atlantis & OuaT. Also literature, mythology, history & more.

(currently on semi-hiatus)

multifandom and not spoiler free. I tag everything.
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Has anyone ever used the “You know nothing” catchphrase on you? There was one situation a year ago. I was having lunch with a friend and the lovely waitress came over wanting to know what I was gonna have.  And just in my own little world, I was like, “Oh, God! I don’t know!” The waitress was like, “You know nothing.” - Rose Leslie

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Leading Lady + Outfits

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The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep, somewhere else another stops. (x)

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I think of you as a friend too.

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what a good day to be in the katie mcgrath tag *______*

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fangirl challenge → [1/7 actresses] → AMANDA TAPPING

 ↳ “I’m an idiot. But I’m a happy idiot.”

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